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2018 Annual 3v3 Tournament

Soccer. Mud. And loads of memories!
Girls playing in the mud

2018 Annual 3v3 Tournament Recap


A big shout out to everyone that came out to participate in, and watch, our 3v3 tournament! We hope you all had a blast! We know it was chilly! We know it was muddy! BUT!! Soccer is meant to be played in that type of weather; and played it was!!

Special thank yous!

Before we get started, we all owe a big thank you to Dan DeSantis for setting up the divisions, the schedules, and for setting up the fields for us to play on. If you see him around, be sure to thank him for all of his hard work and dedication to our league and to our players.

We also need to send a big thank you to all of our coaches that volunteered their Sunday to coach our players. Without their hard work and dedication to our players, our league would not be able to put this tournament together. This years coaches were amazing and had  an exciting day with their players! Please be sure to thank your coach!

What was it??

If you aren’t aware of our 3v3 tournament, here’s what you need to know. It took place on Sunday, October 7th at Kyte Monroe Park. The tournament started at 9am sharp and ended at about 4pm. It was available to all players, U8 to U14. The tournament was free for all players to attended. We had 7 teams in the U8 divisions, 8 in the U10 divisions, 5 In the U12 age group, and 4 teams in our U14 age group. Several coaches were willing and able to bring several teams to add to the tournament. We had a total of 24 teams playing soccer from beginning to end.

Is it just soccer!?

Although the tournament is based around soccer, it’s a lot more than that! We had parents smoking ribs on the field for their teams, we had kids playing mini games behind the scenes, we had kids making new friends, and a lot more! We even had a coach lose a bet and have to head face first into the mud!

The all day tournament is something I look forward to at the start of every fall season, and I know that several coaches feel the same way. If you don’t have a player in the U8 to U14 divisions, feel free to come out and watch the games, meet new people, and let your kids play soccer all day. You’ll have a blast, they’ll have a blast, and you’ll both be adding to the memories that we all make at Kyte Monroe during our Annual 3v3 Tournament.

Division Break Downs

Lets get to the soccer part. Here are all of the teams that participated in this year’s tournament.

U8 Age Group

Division 1

  • Schoenerr 1
  • Ampola
  • Cipriano

Division 2

  • Schoenerr 2
  • King
  • Allen
  • McEachin

U10 Age Group

Division 1

  • Rothenberg 1
  • Rothenberg 2
  • Swaffer 1
  • Cranston

Division 2

  • Rothenberg 3
  • Rothenberg 4
  • Swaffer 2
  • Muniz

U12 Age Group

  • Peiper 1
  • Peiper 2
  • Peiper 3
  • Peiper 4
  • Heuchert

U14 Age Group

  • Harris 1
  • Harris 2
  • Rothenberg 1
  • Rothenberg 2

The Championship Games

Our tournament, like all other tournaments, starts out with several teams in each division and there can be only one championship team in each age group. Here are the teams that played the final game in each division, along with their game’s Championship Team.

U8 Division

Runner Up – Team John Ampola

Champion – Team Schoenerr 3

U10 Division

Runner Up – Team Swaffer 1

Champion – Team Rothenberg 4 (Coach Eric C.)

U12 Division

Runner Up – Team Pieper 1

Champion – Team Pieper 3

U14 Division

Runner Up – Team Harris 1 (Coach Brian)

Champion – Team Harris 2 (Coach Christine)

Stay tuned…

Our 3v3 tournament takes place every year around the same time. Be sure to talk to your coach and your superstar about playing in next year’s tournament. You can also contact any board member for more information.

Thank you all again for joining us! We hope you had as much as fun as we did and hope to see you back for next year’s 3v3 tournament.